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Robert Tracz

Marketing Bob

Marketing Bob, is also known as Robert (Bob) Tracz, – a name he selected to be known by in the online world.

He is a student on making money online and he teaches what he learns through books, reports, videos, seminars etc. He helps people transition into becoming a full-time or part-time entrepreneur making money online. He started his transition in 2004 when he had quit traveling as a corporate trainer for health reasons and he now helps others deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting an online business while still working a “real” job and raising a family.

Prior to transitioning online Bob was an equine veterinarian and corporate trainer and workshop leader. He is usually described by most people as knowledgeable, hard working and different… different because few have actually figured out what he actually does in a day.

Many marketers make money online and they teach what they have learned – sometimes in complicated and confusing terms. Bob’s path to making money online was slow at first because he had to take what was valuable information and decipher through it like it was a 24 volume encyclopaedia and separate the essential information from all the nice to know information so that he could turn it into a system that could be repeated over and over again.

Bob is described as an author, marketer and publisher but is really a teacher. He has spent years as a corporate trainer, author and professional speaker. One of his best skills is simplifying complicated information and turning it into easy to understand and follow steps for himself and others to follow. He focuses on making money online and helping others to do the same.

To contact him, please email him at support@roberttracz.com.
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